Professional Background

A Chartered Engineer(Civil), Manas Kumar Mukherjee, dedicated his professional life more than 40 years in the Power Transmission Line Engineering Sector and worked with variety of Organizations as follows :

Message from Founder

                  FROM 1973 - 2005

M/s EMC Steelal Ltd, Kolkata - 2 years
M/s Hind Galvanizing & Engineering Co. Ltd., Kolkata - 6 years
M/s Richardson & Cruddas (1972) Ltd., Nagpur - 10 years
M/s Gilbert Commonwealth, Michigan,USA - 1 years
M/s SAE (India) Ltd., New Delhi - 7 years
M/s Hidada, Jedhah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - 2 years
M/s Amitasha Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Nagpur - 2 years
M/s Hidada, (Indian Branch Office), Nagpur - 2 year

Basis of the experience is the variety of engineering works handled by Mr. Mukherjee, through his journey of aforesaid professional life.

Glimpses of some variety activities are as under :

    *  With the aforesaid developed soft-wares & tools, handled complete short time pre-tender engineering work with a few engineers support, and within very short time, in M/s SAE (India) Ltd., New Delhi, India, with effective economical output resulting in positive tender support to the organization. Technical support to marketing was also provided in crucial tender meetings at France & Finland.

     *  Worked in M/s Hidada, Jedhah, KSA, by training the engineering staff & subsequently visited Al-Babtain tower testing station in Riyadh, KSA, & ABB tower testing stations in Germany & Italy.

     *  Prepared & handed over New Indian Branch Office of Engineering Department of M/s Hidada, Jedhah, KSA, in Nagpur, India, and that office is running successfully.


With the aforesaid vast experience a purely technical organization named “TRUCON Associates” was originated in 2005. The base objectives of opening of this institution were as follows :

     *   To Provide Engineering Support to the Transmission & Substation systems of Power Industry & also in the Telecommunication system.

     *   Preparation of next generation Designers / Draftsmen to continue quality engineering support to the industry.

    *   Improve the Technology by usage of in-house developed pre-processor & post-processor systems for easy & faster usage of the system.


From 2005-2014, we have successfully originated the required manpower’s & tools to form the efficient team, whose support is necessary to generate the aforesaid desirous outputs. We hope the output of our organization’s supportive intention to the Power & Telecom Sectors can be recognized by the satisfaction of Industry sector only.