Trucon Associates is an organization dealing in Transmission line and Microwave towers. After working in the field of towers for nearly thirty years, Mr. Manas Kumar Mukherjee started Trucon Associates mainly to share the expertise acquired in the field of towers with the Industry. With this important objective in mind as a first step full analytical, design and detailing capabilities in the field of towers was initially established.


Computer aided stiffness matrix analysis based on original Sap(3D Structure Analysis Procedure) is used by internationally popular and accepted PLS-Tower software of latest version;(originated by POWER LINE SYSTEM INC) with required number of keys registered in the name of TRUCON ASSOCIATES. This software provides facilities of utility of wind load requirements as per international code:


IS802; EN50341-1; AS/NZS/7000; NNA; IEC 60286; ASCE74; NISC ETC.

We used Automatic selection of loading cases with permutation and combination and loading tree with the help of software in .net technology according to the specification. Post processing of the result of analysis is also done using specially developed computer software which gives Tower deflection, Critical loading conditions etc. The design of towers can be done using the various Indian, and other codes of practice. The program will give the weight of individual members as well as overall weight of tower. This way tower design using minimum weight concept can be quickly achieved by several trials.


Computer software for design of foundations for various soil mediums is also available, which can estimate quickly the quantities required for civil works. The program has been written based on Indian and International code of practice Also we use AutoCad for tower detailing.


Quality audit of towers is the next vital area, where Trucon Associates has been playing a stellar role for purchasers in India and Abroad. As more and more towers are being designed by the same firms, third party quality audit of towers is being insisted by some companies after the tower is put into service over a period of time. Professionally trained inspect the tower thoroughly and quality audit reports will be submitted with respect to the structural worthiness of the towers based on technical analysis.

Trucon Associates has also carried out full scale testing of transmission line towers successfully for many clients.