Aim and Vision


With our expertise, we look forward to deliver effective engineering for power transmission line that reach our customer across a wide range of platforms and technologies. By identifying the client's business needs. We aim at deliver futuristic solutions that will continue to hit targets in the fore coming year also. Our vision is to become the most trusted name in the Power Transmission line realm, by providing world class, yet cost effective design and to expand our services with technological advance.

Our Aim

Lower Your Cost Structure

Lower Your Cost StructureLower Your Cost Structure with TRUCON, firms are not compelled to hire extra personnel during busy periods or when they win multiple projects. Our expert services are a fraction of the price of local engineering services and our resources are available anytime throughout the year.

Finish Jobs Faster and Take On More Business

Finish Jobs Faster and Take On More BusinessFinish Jobs Faster and Take on More Business Tower fabrication firms utilize our engineering resources to speed construction. Our large teams and multiple daily shifts result in better, faster drawings that help clients finish jobs sooner, assume larger projects and take on more work. Additionally, clients can use TRUCON to run parallel jobs, thus generating the most efficient and time-saving routes to project completion.

Our Modeling to Speed Construction and Reduce Costs

Our Modeling to Speed Construction and Reduce CostsOur Modeling to Speed Construction and Reduce Costs Design conflicts, missing information, design errors, constructability issues and fabrication problems typically don’t arise until the beginning of fabrication and shop drawings. With TRUCON, engineering firms can build detailed engineering models earlier in the process, before the construction phase has begun.