The aforesaid is the destiny of "TRUCON Associates" initiated & started in 2005 by Mr. M. K. Mukherjee

Growth of human being is to continue and a vital section operation required for the same is engineering in Power Transmission Sector & Telecom Sector. Power sector & Telecom sectors both require steel structures to complete their output. These structures are generally variety of towers like 4-legged towers, 3-legged towers, guyed masts, high rise towers, vertical configuration towers & horizontal configuration towers to carry on the powers of the required lines.

They also require variety of foundations for providing lifelong support to these structures. Variety of foundations are like open cast isolated foundations, block foundations, raft foundations, pile foundations etc. Hence, growth of engineering is equivalently important to satisfy the aforesaid need. Engineering growth is dependent on experienced manpower as well as improved technology of computer software’s & supportive pre-process & post-process programs.

Without aforesaid growth of engineering the improvement in the execution system of required projects is not at all viable. Hence, institutions / organizations are essentially required to support the aforesaid requirement; which is a path to transfer the experiences to the next generation man-power in such a systematic way, so that the new generation can use the correct method & tool to progress further to support the required engineering output.